New Hope Network, producer of the Natural Products Expo East Trade Show, has announced that the NoTree™ line of hot cups, cold cups and bowls from compostable products company World Centric® has been selected as the 2019 NEXTY award winner in the Best Environmentally Responsible Packaging category.

World Centric’s tree-free compostable NoTree cups and bowls are a leading alternative to non-recyclable plastic and foam packaging options. Made from sugarcane and bamboo, the NoTree line of cups and bowls will compost within 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility. Each year, twenty million trees are cut down to manufacture traditional paper cups. The use of sugarcane and bamboo to make the paper that forms these cups and bowls helps protect forests.

The NEXTY Award is given to progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. The NEXTY Awards are the pinnacle recognition of excellence in the natural products business. 

The full list of 2019 NEXTY award winners can be seen at