CMD Corporation Director of Operations, Ron Buchinger, is focused on the manufacturing operations of the Appleton, Wisconsin-based global supplier of converting equipment. When he learned that companies like CMD could contribute to a growing movement to quickly produce important protective equipment to help those on the front line in the pandemic, he jumped on board.

“I saw stories of how local companies and individuals were joining together to 3D print the frames for protective face shields” said Buchinger, “and since CMD has several 3D printers we use for prototyping and special parts, plus some talented manufacturing engineers who run them, I thought we could help.”

Buchinger had his team reach out to their PLA filament supplier, COEX, who was featured in one of the stories he read. 

“Bob Rutten at COEX welcomed us to the group of 3D printing suppliers for his project, and after a few test runs, we were in business,” said Garrett LeBerge, manufacturing engineer at CMD. “We’re dedicating one 3D printer to the cause and will deliver bands to Bob at least once a week."

The face shields consist of 3D printed bands connected to a clear plastic shield.  has organized the assembly of the shields at his Appleton facility, and he distributes them to more than 20 regional emergency service and healthcare facilities.  He reports having delivered over 200 shields so far to organizations like St. Elizabeth Hospital, Mosaic Clinic and Freedom First Responders. He has requests for many more shields, and the operation is benefitting from donations of time and materials from companies and individuals throughout the region. It has been reported that the face shields are helpful in protecting precious N95 masks, now in very short supply for front-line healthcare workers.

“The organizations are very thankful for the donations,” says Rutten. Recently, we had one organization buy some filament with the ship to being our facility. We then give the filament to the folks that are printing components for us.”

Buchinger says CMD is committed to the cause, “We are ready to continue to provide the bands as donations to this very important cause, for as long as the need exists.”