Founded in 1950, Heat and Control Inc., a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier, celebrates its 70th anniversary on June 27, 2020. Heat and Control will celebrate this platinum occasion with a 12-month long celebration. 

With seven decades of modernizing equipment solutions, the company continues to advance the food, pharmaceutical and multiple additional industries.  Heat and Control takes pride in the machinery they manufacture and the customers it serves. Strategic partnerships have offered customers ultimate choice, efficiency and performance and provided a resource that can be relied upon for many years.

With the father/son duo working side by side for decades, the family company continues to press forward exploring opportunities to uplift employees, satisfy customers, and build meaningful partnerships. “Our employees, customers and partners are the heartbeat of Heat and Control,” said Andy Caridis, founder and chairman of Heat and Control. “I invested my entire adult life into this company with a hope and a dream. We started with few but now we are many. For that, I am grateful.”

Heat and Control started in industrial process heating applications, such as heat treatment furnaces and combustion systems, and quickly became food -focused as the industry experienced growth in the 1960s. By the '70s, the company supplied complete food processing systems that offered a level of modernization and automation never experienced. Through the '80s, Heat and Control partnered with Ishida Japan, a leader in weighing and packaging technologies and acquired several factories to help serve their growing customer demand.  

The 1990s introduced huge product line expansions and additional offices to serve the food market. New technology was introduced with FastBack®, bringing horizontal motion conveying to the food processing industry providing better product handling between processing and packaging equipment, and later revolutionizing the snack industry with the development of the now popular On-Machine Seasoning method of in-packaging room seasoning application. Add that with the acquisition of Mastermatic, a frying technology company with a significant history and portfolio in coating, frying and auxiliary systems.

In the 2000s, Heat and Control opened several factories and offices around the globe, increased focus on development of improved controls and information systems and partnered with CEIA®, the world’s leading metal detection manufacturer. Spray Dynamics®, which had a long food industry history joined the Heat and Control brand family in 2011 and significantly increased seasoning and coating capability and industry access to expertise in in-kitchen seasoning innovation.