A popular bottled syrup company recently partnered with EPIC Systems to launch newly designed bottles and labels for the its evolving breakfast food portfolio. This partnership resulted in a robust packaging inspection system that helped the syrup company bring new products to market quickly, without exposing the brand to undue risks. This streamlined the company’s quality control procedures and helped them avoid losing market share to competitors.

Reducing Risk During New Brand Rollout

Leveraging 20+ years of high-speed bottle and label inspection experience, EPIC designed a reliable vision inspection system that allowed the syrup company to achieve the following:

Introduce New Products Rapidly: This syrup company brought its products to market quickly by investing in a pre-engineered inspection system capable of keeping pace with their desired production output of 500 bottles per minute.

Protect the Brand: This inspection system ensures a positive customer experience by preventing mislabeled, damaged and otherwise unsatisfactory packaged syrup products from ever reaching store shelves.

Avoid Lost Revenue: Downtime and product waste at the syrup factory were minimized. We accomplished this by ensuring the right product was in the right bottle with the correct labels and date codes on a high-speed filling and sleeving line.

Quick System Updates During Future Changes: This packaging inspection system makes it easy to inspect future bottle shapes, sizes and label types with the same level of accuracy by integrating with the syrup manufacturer’s recipe management system. Future systems can include an auto-trainable feature that allows line operators to add infinite new label/bottle/recipe combinations onsite with no programming.

Technical System Specifications

The vision inspection system used by this bottled syrup company includes several features:

  • Inspection of 500 bottles per minute
  • 100% of bottles inspected (with only .03% falsely rejected product)
  • Automatic changeover between 20+ recipes
  • Easy-to-use software
  • High-speed pneumatic rejecter

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