FILTEC, a global provider of inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries, showcases its INTELLECT Filler Management Solutions for both cans and bottles. Filling containers correctly maximizes product quality, reduces waste, increases the efficiency of the downstream processes and delivers a high return on investment (ROI).

INTELLECT Filler Management Solutions are available for glass bottles, PET bottles and cans. They use either vision or photon inspection technologies following the seamer or closer operations to check each container for underfill and overfill. The Vision Filler Management Solution for bottles offers further results from a wide range of optional inspection enhancements or additional applications including slosh compensation, foam measurement, closure color or décor inspection, closure defect detection, vent tube detection, pressure integrity and date code inspection. There is also a unique INTELLECT photon solution that inspects the fill level of cans between the filler and seamer for true fill level measurement to verify filler performance.

Central to the INTELLECT Filler Management Inspection are analytical applications that give a detailed insight for each container and the performance of each filler valve and closer head. Fill Level Application checks each container against underfill and overfill limits and presents the information on a trend display for the operator. This is complemented by a Filler Monitoring that traces each container back to individual filler valve and closer head to provide a graphic distribution and numeric defect count displays for all valves and heads. Quantitative Analysis Application provides a complete statistical analysis of the entire filler process showing fill level distribution histograms for each filler valve. All this enables preventative maintenance programs to minimize the cost of maintenance and maximize the efficiency of the filler.