Nordmeccanica announced that it is continuing its run of “Nordmeccanica Events” — a concept that allows presentations of industry products and innovations.

Two events have already been offered and are now available at the website. The first introduced guests to the only factory in our industry that produces machinery in an assembly line environment. The Nordmeccanica Gariga plant was the stage for the presentation of the company’s Simplex Family product line in Event 1. Nordmeccanica Plant 3, on July 14th, was the stage for the second event that offered a presentation of the machine originally planned to run at the Drupa Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Triples SL One Shot, the company’s solution to efficiently and reliably run 3-ply lamination using solvent-less adhesive technology, was demonstrated by running actual production in multiple set ups during the 90-minute Event 2.

Events are broadcasted live with a program including short tutorials, a plant tour, a live machine run, interactivity with attendees and more.

Below is a recap of the first two events:

The next event is on October 14th and will be broadcast out of the Nordmeccanica Vacuum division plant offering to all Nordmeccanica customers insight into its vacuum metallizing technology. The program will include a live run of metallizers up to 2.9 meters wide; tutorials on metallization aimed to metallized films converters as well as to metallized films users; a short “how it’s made” segment about film metallization; the best use of metallized webs; how to rate and select the quality of metallized webs; the latest in functional coatings for metallized webs for barrier enhancement and for the protection of a fragile metalized layer such as AlOx; MDO-PE, use and conversion in metallization.

Registration will get users credentials that enable customers and guests to log on and witness these presentations live. Registered members can also enjoy past events and download them for viewing at any time. Register at