After ToBeNaturAL, the aluminum tube with a cap made of compostable material, Favia expands its offer by giving customers the possibility to adopt a recycled plastic cap.

Favia expands its range of sustainable packaging solutions, launching the aluminium tube with recycled plastic cap: a novelty to meet the needs of all those companies that decide to take a first but decisive step towards green packaging as part of a transformation path oriented towards respect for the environment.  

This solution joins ToBeNaturAL, the aluminum tube with cap made of compostable material launched last year, which has already met with great success among companies and the final public. 

For companies that are looking for green packaging. Favia has designed an additional solution: ToBeNaturAL, the deformable aluminum tube with capsule made of compostable material. It is a biopolymer, commonly called bioplastic, obtained from various vegetable sources such as cellulose, pineapple stem or algae and with many characteristics similar to traditional plastic, such as strength, stability and flexibility. 

It retains its integrity for a long time in a context of use, but once its use cycle is over it can be disposed of as organic waste as it has the ability to degrade completely. It can then be thrown directly into the humid fraction of household waste, transforming into humus for the soil from which other plants will arise.