The Pharmafill PS1 Packserter from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co. features a new HMI with a touch-screen control panel for intuitively easy setup and fast adjustments for smooth product changeovers. Designed with a simple menu structure, the proprietary control technology offers a choice of automated or manual insert packets modes with product-specific settings for the number of desiccant or oxygen absorber packets inserted per bottle; the time and distance to advance the strip; the drop time from cut to insertion; the time allotted for bottles to advance on the conveyor, and other adjustable settings. All of the machine settings and adjustments are accessed from a single, colorful screen for fast startup with reduced potential for human error.

Developed for nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, contract packaging and other companies producing moisture-sensitive products in a sanitary environment, the latest HMI is included as standard on new PS1 Packserters and could be retrofit on desiccant inserters in the field. The new HMI is backwards compatible to allow seamless upgrading without requiring changes to existing operational qualification documents or retesting the equipment.

The inserting machine is delivered with the new HMI assembled, tested and ready for installation with a full warranty.