Built for harsh environments, the METTLER TOLEDO C35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher is designed to deliver precise weighing results on a stable weighing platform resistant to high-pressure washdown and most caustic detergents. The system frame is designed according to hygienic principles, with easy access for cleaning and sloped surfaces to discourage liquid collection. The system supports speeds of up to 250 packs per minute and a weighing range from 25 g to 7 kg.

The C35 is intended for use in a wide range of production situations that require 100% reliable weight control, including food processing. A wide range of optional conveyors and handling features, including guiderails to ensure smooth product handling, provides for the optimal transport of open products such as jars, trays and cans. The system is operated from a 7-in. multicolor, multilingual touchscreen HMI positioned in front of the conveyor for maximum accessibility and operator safety.

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