Nulogy (, a provider of enterprise cloud solutions for the contract packaging industry, announces the release of Nulogy GO, a revolutionary cloud platform that enables brands and suppliers to work together in launching new products and promotions more effectively than ever before. 

“Unlike supply chain visibility providers that are unable to capture shop floor data from packaging and manufacturing suppliers, Nulogy GO is purpose-built to bring visibility into order collaboration processes, most uniquely at a network-wide level,” says Kevin Wong, head of product at Nulogy. “Nulogy GO provides the systematic controls to unlock a new standard in the way brands and suppliers can collaborate on go-to-market strategies.” 

Nulogy GO is the market’s only unified platform that connects with enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), and supplier systems to provide visibility into real-time capacity, order tracking, and performance tracking.

“Evolving consumer demands for product variation have presented new challenges in the way brands and their outsourced suppliers work together to bring differentiated products to market,” says Jason Tham, CEO at Nulogy. “With Nulogy GO, we’re empowering the world’s biggest brands and their global supplier network to work together in highly collaborative and standardized ways. The level of visibility enabled by the platform gives suppliers the ability to provide better service and be more responsive to brands, and it allows brands and suppliers to work together to bring new products to consumers at low-cost, at high-quality, and with unprecedented speed-to-market.”

Nulogy is the only provider of SaaS solutions designed to manage contract packaging services, and connects contract packaging service providers with their brand customers. The company’s existing solutions have already resulted in improved shop floor control, seamless traceability, and predictable profitability for more than half of the top value-added 3PL providers worldwide and one-third of the Contract Packaging Association members. The launch of Nulogy GO expands the company’s service offerings to further enable brands and contract suppliers to work strategically to reduce costs, increase quality and deliver guaranteed outcomes.

Industry-leading brands and suppliers are invited to attend Nulogy’s premiere of Nulogy GO at PACK EXPO International at Booth #N-5484.