To help manufacturers optimize investments in production equipment, PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network released the Asset Reliability Roadmap for the Consumer Products Industry tool.

This new tool is designed to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) understand common definitions, key performance indicators (KPIs), calculations and leadership guidance when developing an asset reliability initiative. Both CPGs and OEMs are expected to gain an understanding of the necessity of providing their company’s leadership with a solid business case for calculating maintenance program costs.

"When developing this tool, our team of CPG and OEM maintenance experts shared their individual and varied experiences, insights and leadership guidance to identify and define a number of Key Performance Indicators that valuate asset reliability," says Bryan Griffen, director, industry services, PMMI. “As a result of this collaboration, the OpX Leadership Network is excited to provide the industry with a unique, effective tool that will help businesses quantify the total value of asset reliability to the organization.”

The OpX Leadership Network says this Asset Reliability document and opportunity calculator provide an excellent opportunity for CPGs and OEMs to work together to both of their advantages. In this case, the cooperative effort can yield significant improvements in overall equipment effectiveness by focusing on those opportunities to reduce the impact of planned and unplanned downtime.

The Asset Reliability tool, as well as solutions on Total Cost of Ownership, Request for Proposals, virtual Factory Acceptance Tests and more, are available for free download at