Piab’s Changeover Champion vacuum conveyor piFLOW p SMART is designed to help users save time when changing from one material to another by offering a faster changeover. Changeovers that would take one hour in a conventional vacuum conveyor reportedly only 10 minutes in the company’s new and unique vacuum conveyor.

piFLOW p SMART is a self-optimizing vacuum conveyor targeted primarily at industries handling many different materials and/or those in which frequent changes need to be made. This makes the conveyor suited for producers within the food and pharma sectors.

piFLOW p SMART is a standalone system that has been designed to cater to an endless range of different powders and granules. Strategically placed sensors assist the conveyor’s auto-tuning system to control and fine-tune in accordance with environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity that affect the properties of the conveyed material. By automatically adjusting the carrying air, the piFLOW p SMART vacuum conveyor eliminates the need for manual adjustments at the feed point. The filling level is also constantly monitored by two level sensors, safeguarding against filter damage.

Requiring only a minimal amount of maintenance, piFLOW p SMART is easy to install, learn to use and operate.

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