Regardless of what they are made of – paper, plastic, fabric – or what they contain – flour, sand, pharmaceutical ingredients – all sacks can be handled with ease with Piab's ergonomic Vaculex vacuum lifter.

Piab's semi-automated lifters are designed to take the strain off workers. Enabling procedures to be carried out in space-restricted areas, the lifters offer flexible solutions where ceiling height, narrow and confined areas with limited available working space may be an issue. Low headroom solutions and carbon fiber arms are examples of innovative answers to challenging environments. ATEX-approved models are available, as are stainless steel tools/attachments where needed.

The Vaculex lifters offer ergonomic and safe working environments and allow for efficiency improvements, elevating the productivity of a plant by enabling a good flow in handling procedures, and guaranteeing high quality of products through damage limitation. A complete range of spare parts and helpful accessories — such as a handy remote control, a noise reducing hood and an energy-saving system for automatic pump turn-off during inactivity — are available.