Digitec Galaxus AG, an online retailer in Switzerland, and Logivations GmbH, an international consulting and technology company based in Munich, concluded a cooperation to improve Digitec Galaxus products master data with the help of Logivations Artificial Intelligence Software for Goods Recognition, Counting & Measurement.

After conducting an extensive trial phase last year, Logivations will install 40 workstations in the receiving area of the Digitec Galaxus distribution center in Wohlen. In addition to the engineering services to support the initial configuration and setup of the 40 workstations, Logivations also offers extended maintenance of hardware and software components.

Logivations W2MO uses neural networks running on a GPU, which can be trained to "learn" certain patterns so that goods can be automatically recognized, counted and/or measured. The process usually takes less than a second. Data can be transferred to any WMS using an USB- or RestFullAPI-interface.

In contrast to the use of conventional 3D scanners, Logivations' technology can simultaneously measure goods and recognize them by their appearance or barcodes / QR codes. For this purpose, certain properties (e.g. the X, Y & Z dimensions of the products, as well as the weight) are recorded and the product is classified (e.g. boxed/unboxed item, irregular shape, textile, etc).

For more information, visit www.digitec.ch/en and www.logivations.com.