Harsco Corporation, a global market provider of environmental solutions for industrial and specialty waste streams, announced that its Clean Earth division has launched Fullcircle, an Advanced Waste Lifecycle Program. The new program analyzes waste at each source of generation, then offers solutions for recycling and beneficial reuse alternatives for the material. From initial product concept to lifecycle completion, Fullcircle’s goals are to eliminate all waste, recycle as much as possible and build scalable, innovative programs for customers focused on zero waste.

With Fullcircle, customers do not choose services from a pre-set, one-size-fits-all menu to dispose of their waste stream. Rather, each solution is specifically tailored to the customer’s waste journey with Fullcircle developing sustainable solutions aligned with its waste generation, sustainability goals and growth plans. The program offers enhanced tracking, reporting and data analysis of waste streams to monitor performance and measure against financial and corporate sustainability goals.

“We have identified a growing need for integrated service providers who provide true partnership management,” says David Stanton, senior vice president and group president of Clean Earth. “Our ambition is to solve the challenge of making it easy for our customers to properly manage their difficult-to-treat waste with the ultimate sustainable solution. It must be simple, innovative, transparent and trusted. That’s where we come in.”

Clean Earth’s Fullcircle program explores every stage of waste generation, including:

  • Upstream waste management at inception
  • Flow change investigation
  • Contamination reduction
  • Final placement

Clean Earth reports it has success in developing programs for various world class market leaders across multiple industry verticals. The company has earned credibility through the development of programs including consumer packaged goods and medical devices with multinational companies.

“By looking at the full lifecycle, we ultimately eliminate the waste at every source,” says Stanton. “At a time when companies and consumers are prioritizing sustainability efforts, our program is about making life easier for the customer by providing a plan that works for the organization’s waste now and in the future, as well as for our environment.”

More than 80% of parent company Harsco’s revenue reportedly comes from environmental services and solutions, compared to less than 65% three years ago. The company says its goal is to ultimately derive over 90% of its annual revenue from environmental products and services, and Fullcircle is reportedly the next step in that transformation.

Visit www.cleanearthinc.com/fullcircle and www.harsco.com for more information.