Hood River Distillers, an importer, distiller and marketer of distilled spirits in the Northwest, announced the launch of its newest brand, Timberline Vodka. Created in Hood River, Ore., Timberline was crafted to reflects the spirit and love of the outdoors and those who thrive in it — The "Outer Class."

The vodka is distilled with a balance of grain and 14 different varietals of non-GMO Pacific Northwest apples. Distilled in a dual-column, 2,000-L pot still, the vodka is then cut to 80 proof with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood. The distillation team kept the minerals present for a clean vodka intended to echo its origins.

"With 46 levels of purification, we are really using only the most premium, tightly cut spirit in our production process," says Joseph O'Sullivan, master distiller. "After many rounds of continuous testing, we perfected the balance of grain, apples and finished with the high-quality water we are so fortunate to have in Oregon. We are very proud of this incredible-tasting vodka."  

Timberline Vodka has also partnered with the Portland, Ore.-based nonprofit The Freshwater Trust. The Freshwater Trust's mission is to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems in the West.

Timberline Vodka's packaging was inspired by the iconic Timberline Lodge and a love of the outdoors. The custom glass bottle with unique canvas label is designed to look at home on a back bar or table in any of the historic lodges of the West. The brand was designed by the award-winning Sandstrom Partners, whose portfolio includes the highly successful Aviation Gin, Bulleit Bourbon and St. Germain brands, among others.

A distinctive feature of the packaging was the creation of a collectable label series: The Hiker, The Snow Goose and The Skier. There is only one Timberline Vodka, but there are three distinct labels that represent it.

"Timberline is a very unique vodka, and the brand and packaging reflect this," says Keri Meuret, senior marketing brand manager. "The subtle tint of the bubble glass, custom bottle shape with embossing complete with canvas labels provide a vintage charm. It's a blend of rustic and contemporary."

Timberline Vodka is now available for purchase in the Hood River Distillers' Tasting Room and a growing list of Pacific Northwest retailers. It is available in both 50 ml and 750 ml sizes, and the 750 ml bottle retails for $24.95.

Visit www.hrdspirits.com for more information.