Radienz Living, a North American manufacturer of home and personal care products for the private label and branded markets, announced the addition of two new product solutions to its portfolio — an exclusive citric acid-based botanicals disinfecting formula and a sustainable 105mm wipes canister made with Altium’s Dura-Lite technology that uses 23% less plastic.

“As a direct result of the latest consumer insights, Radienz Living recognized that incorporating an exclusive citric acid-based botanicals disinfecting formula and Altium’s Dura-Lite wipes canister into our portfolio was a crucial way to reinforce our company’s commitment to sustainable solutions,” Radienz Living CEO Matt Stillings says. “With six out of 10 consumers viewing natural cleaning products as beneficial ways to keep their households safe and our environment clean, we recognized the importance of our continued investment in these sustainable product solutions.”

The newly added citric acid-based botanicals disinfecting formula is exclusive to the company and does not use “quats,” or quaternary ammonium compounds, which means it’s not made with the potent disinfectant chemicals that are commonly found in disinfecting products. However, with a five-minute kill claim, where more than 99.9% of germs killed within a five-minute period can be attributed to the disinfecting product itself, the company says it’s just as effective as other products. It’s also on the Environmental Protection Agency’s List N, which means it’s effective for use against SARS-COV-2 on hard surfaces when used according to label directions. The formula is now available as a potential solution. 

The company’s new 105mm wipes canister utilizing Altium’s Dura-Lite design uses 23% less plastic than traditional canisters. Nearly one billion plastic canisters are used each year in the U.S., according to IRI Data. It is estimated that if every company used the Altium’s Dura-Lite canister, the U.S. would reduce plastic consumption by about 14,000 metric tons each year. 

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