To celebrate Father's Day, two iconic brands are coming together to drop the first-ever shoe-meets-koozie. Miller Lite, the Father of Light Beer, and New Balance, the maker of the "Dad Shoe," are launching the Shoezie: a shoe for your beer.

Fashioned from the classic New Balance 624 Trainer, the limited-edition Shoezie will help dads and those who appreciate dad fashion enjoy their Miller Lite in comfort and style. The Shoezie is crafted with materials directly from New Balance shoes and is nearly identical to the 624 Trainer but fitted for your beer. With its rubber sole and breathable leather, the Shoezie will keep beers cold, supported, and comfortable when dads need it the most."

As The Original Light Beer, we are proud to celebrate all things beer and all things dad, and the Shoezie does just that," said Sofia Colucci, Vice President of Marketing, Miller Family of Brands. "When we dreamed up the Shoezie, there was only one brand to bring it to life and that was the maker of the classic "Dad Shoe," New Balance. Together we want to thank all dads out there for keeping the grass cut, grilling those perfect meats, agreeing to the family dog, and of course raising a Miller Lite, one can at a time."

"The Shoezie brings together two brands that confidently celebrate their connection with dads," said Jeff McAdams, Vice President of Global Marketing for New Balance. "New Balance and Miller Lite are excited to come together this Father's Day to tip our hats to Dads everywhere and give them the opportunity to enjoy the day in comfort and in style."

To bring the Shoezie to life, real-life dads were selected by Miller Lite as models and put into a handful of relatable dad settings. "As a dad myself, I know most dads do certain things, like watch TV standing up, keep the garage clean, sear a perfect steak, wear New Balance 624s, and drink Miller Lite," said Ben Wolan, Executive Creative Director, DDB San Francisco. "We didn't want actors because dads are already so good at doing what they do."

The Shoezie will also show up on social feeds, with a handful of iconic influencer dads or those known for their love of dad fashion to promote what they love: comfort, authenticity, and beer.