Cryopak, a leader in temperature assurance packaging and temperature monitoring devices, is introducing its latest entry into an expanding line of ecologically-friendly shipping solutions. Cryopak Ecopak is a Sustainable, Recyclable and Compostable line of products whose insulated box liners are made from a post-industrial, recycled natural fiber blend and wrapped in a perforated recyclable and biodegradable film for moisture absorption.

This new line of products has been engineered to mimic the performance of traditional products in this space, and are appropriate for Food & Beverage delivery, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical studies/trials, and any other industry where products require temperature control.

“We know how important it is to provide environmentally-friendly products, and the new Cryopak Ecopak is an important step in our overall corporate pledge to provide sustainable solutions that are environmentally responsible,” said Brent Begley, vice president of sales at Cryopak. “Our team is excited to be able to offer this type of packaging material and leading the way with solutions that protect our environment is a corporate initiative for Cryopak. Offering validated, eco-friendly innovations that address the needs of our customers are objectives that both our company leadership and our staff are very passionate about.”