JLS Automation announced JLS View to see and hear exactly what its customers are experiencing. The company’s product uses Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 technology and connects customers with support needs no matter their location.

The technology features a mixed-reality headset that JLS customers wear. The lens displays the customer’s point of view directly to a JLS technician’s computer screen in real time. Because the technicians can see and experience the customer’s point of view, issues on the packaging line and machine troubleshooting takes place with expert guidance and instructions as if JLS technicians were physically at the plant.

“JLS View is the link that makes training easier from anywhere at any time,” says Bill Stratford, Director of aftermarket sales and services, JLS Automation. “JLS View helps us be the virtual boots on the ground and be hand-in-hand with our customers to help support them instantly.”

JLS says that in addition to the real-time support, its JLS View solution also offers added benefits. Because JLS technicians can immediately see and diagnose production issues, troubleshooting times are drastically reduced. Plus, there’s no travel time required for a JLS technician to physically arrive at the customer’s facility. This helps customers get back up and running faster, eliminates travel costs and enables several JLS engineers and technicians to collaborate and quickly recommend solutions.

Besides service calls, JLS is also using JLS View to provide technical support, including recipe creation and modifications for products to optimize production, depending on changing needs and demand. With high operator turnover rates, this helps minimize disruptions due to training.

Visit www.jlsautomation.com for more information.