The new GIS HMB-SE-D3000 Head Manager Board will ship to GIS launch partners this month - October 2021.  Volume rollout of the HMB-SE-3000 is scheduled for early 2022 to meet the high market demand. 

The GIS HMB-SE-D3000 Head Manager Board can drive up to 2 x Epson D3000-A1R printheads per board and includes print data management, greyscale waveform control and printhead diagnostics, all accessed over Ethernet. It is complemented by the proven GIS recirculating ink delivery modules and Atlas software to provide a comprehensive solution to achieve the high-quality, high-speed printing required by demanding industrial applications.

“We are delighted to be shipping the HMB-SE-D3000. The market demand to integrate Epson D3000-A1R printheads is high in a wide range of applications, and our customers have some significant projects in the pipeline,” said Nick Geddes, CEO.

OEMs and system builders are invited to engage with GIS now to discuss their integration needs for the Epson D3000-A1R printhead.