To meet the requirements for a functional coating that is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion and suitable for high-resolution laser engraving up to 700 L/cm, Zecher relies on plasma coating technology. Plasma coating enables the required functional layers to be realized with qualitatively convincing mechanical properties as well as residual porosities of less than 1%.

The applied functional layer forms the basis for engraving the anilox rollers and sleeves. The established and high-quality chromium oxide ceramics (Cr2O3) are characterized by good melting behavior and high density. The nature of the ceramic coating determines the precision, the printing properties, and the long-term performance of the ceramic rollers.

"With the supplementary acquisition, we are responding to the increasing demand on the world market for Zecher products and are also more flexible in the area of individual coatings for rotationally symmetrical components" comments Rüdiger Wand, Managing Director of Zecher GmbH, on the new coating machine.

The new ceramic coating line ties in with the already established technology and perfectly complements it. Wand comments: "Our customers, and thus also we, are so satisfied with our most recently acquired thermal coating system and the performance it has achieved that the acquisition of a further system with this technology was an obvious choice."