The challenges raised by the Lash Idôle mascara were simultaneously esthetic, technical and industrial. On the design front, the product needed to have a flat black area that was as big as possible to evoke the fragrance bottle. To this was added a metallic effect that highlights the square lines, conferring an extremely premium image. Texen pulled out all the stops for this extremely complex development, both in terms of esthetics and technicity, taking into account the constraints of production and décor. Multiple tests were necessary to guarantee the resistance of the décor during assembly, notably when it came to the edges, particularly sensitive to damage.

For this major product, Texen personalized the functionalities of its SMART® mascara 4.0 line in order to optimize complex high-speed production without compromise. Once injected, the five components are assembled in-line, down to the application of the pink lacquer with its metallic finish. Texen was required to innovate with the decoration process in order to sustain this aluminum lacquering step, a first for this machinery. The full-size product (9ml) is accompanied by a 5ml travel format destined for the American market. 

This first-generation integrated line is 100% automated. Adapted to multiple formats of mascara and different types of décor, it offers a range of benefits: significant time savings thanks to high-speed manufacturing, in-vacuum varnishing, which ensures the parts are protected, reduction in the need for labor and transport, and the guarantee of products made in France.

The SMART® concept, developed by Texen, is the optimum solution to CSR challenges for flexible industry. Indeed, the modularity of the latest generation SMART production lines allows brand partners a sustainable compromise between competitivity, the optimization of industrial spaces, limitations on intermediate stock, and waste generation, including the use of high-solid varnish.