Customers’ interactions with brands and their products have significantly evolved in the physical retail space during the previous years. However, with the pandemic, there has been a significant pivot in how brands that traditionally relied on physical interactions with customers now function – disrupting the status quo. Consumers who were previously fond of retail shopping in a physical store, must too now change their attitudes and embrace this new era of virtual shopping in the internet realm.

Lancôme amongst other beauty and cosmetic brands have been forced to fuse beauty and technology and adapt to the e-commerce shopping trends that are sweeping the nation in order to stay current.

The virtual store is designed to showcase Lancôme’s best-selling product Advanced Génifique whilst providing an exciting environment for customers to delve into the ingredients and science behind the products as they discover the “next big thing” in the beauty tech industry.

The virtual flagship has been separated into 6 different zones, each with a different focus. Zone 1 (Microbiome Science) Zone 2 (Skincare Diagnosis), Zone 3 (Live Streaming), Zone 4 (Voice of Genifique) Zone 5 (Shop), and Zone 6 (Game).