Lumson’s two new 30-mL bottles are an homage to the iconic geometric shape that with its simplicity and purity has breathed life into numerous interpretations in art and design.  

The minimalism of the cube is the springboard for unleashing creativity; its pure silhouette is the inspiration for looking into new combinations and material. This occurs in art, design, and decorating. 

The solid shape, essential contours, and modularity that characterize the cube lend themselves to new forms of interpretation and this geometric shape morphs into a precious source of inspiration for cult objects: from the Brionvega radio to the iconic Rubik cube, from Le Corbusier’s architecture to the two-dimensional works of Sol Lewitt.

Even urban architecture seems to have drawn great inspiration from the solid geometry of the cube. Modularity, one of the composition’s key elements, becomes the cornerstone of buildings and skyscrapers inspired by the metabolism, motion that blends mega metropolitan buildings with vegetation. 

To celebrate the cube and its modernity, Lumson created two new 30-ml glass bottles: H Kube and IT- Kube. Same inspiration, a different silhouette. 

H Kube has a slenderer shape, while IT- Kube is more compact. In Kube, cap and bottle blend together, yielding a never-before-seen shape refined by rounded corners and a harmonious silhouette, easy to use and perfect for make care and skincare products. 

Luxury is all in the details—Lumson knows this well—and so to confer prestige to the bottle and enhance the product it contains, the company decided to make the bottles out of thickened glass. 

H Kube and IT-Kube can be paired with different dispenser systems (pump/dropper) for optimal product distribution.