Braxton Brewing Co. announced the launch of a new adult beverage inspired by Graeter’s Ice Cream’s classic smoothie recipe. The spiked smoothie marries America’s love for hard seltzers to a classic indulgence to reveal the first-of-their-kind Smoothie Seltzers. For a limited time, this December, consumers will be able to enjoy Braxton’s Sunrise Sensation and Island Blast Smoothie Seltzers in Braxton taprooms, both developed using Graeter’s fan-favorite fountain menu smoothies, online at and at Kroger stores throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. Each four-pack of 12 oz. Smoothie Seltzers will be available for $14.99.


During a time when many consumers are traveling, enjoying time spent with family and friends and visiting home, Braxton’s Graeter’s Smoothie Seltzers are offering a new way to indulge in nostalgia. The one-of-a-kind beverages give consumers permission to enjoy the Midwest’s most beloved ice cream company, Graeter’s, in a new and inventive way. Meanwhile, refreshing hard seltzer flavors are given a new avenue by which to delight hard seltzer drinkers. Both Sunrise Sensation and Island Blast Smoothie Seltzers are a decadent adult treat, or holiday gift, with a velvety taste and complete decadence in each 12 oz. can.  


“Consumers consistently want more out of hard seltzers, and this is a unique drink experience that gives them just that. Graeter’s smoothie has truly allowed us to take the consumer seltzer experience to new heights, and carve out a new niche within the highly competitive hard seltzer category,” says Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing Co. "Our hard seltzer has such a smooth mouthfeel and is so well formulated that it gives us a perfect base with which to work. Drinkers can expect something similar to what you would drink at a scoop shop, expertly blended with the ingenuity they would expect from Braxton.”  


Braxton’s acclaim in the beer industry has led to such highly esteemed collaborations as the Smoothie Seltzer inspired by Graeter’s Ice Cream. Both brands continue to push the boundaries in their respective categories and have established themselves as leaders within the food industry, overall.