Applicable for a broad range of materials, the 5940 G prints grade C or better, GS1-128 compliant codes on corrugated cases and trays of fresh produce, beverages, meats, confection, and many other foods, as well as precision printing on polystyrene for frozen foods and shrink-wrap for pallet shipments. In addition, the system prints clean, crisp information and codes on porous surfaces including fabrics and non-wovens for medical personal protective equipment (PPE) masks, gowns, and diapers.  

The new inkjet coder features Markem-Imaje’s proprietary Touch Dry® inks that instantly dry on contact. The inks, which are free of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC), are safe to handle and contribute to a more sustainable production line. Touch Dry inks will not spread along corrugated fibers and lose resolution. A variety of colored inks are available.  

The 5940 G also features a patent-pending, Intelli’Flow printhead technology that avoids nozzle blockages due to ink backsplash and dust buildup. Plus, a filtering process that degasses the ink during printing and keeps the jetting mechanism clean and clear, resulting in higher print quality, greater throughput, reduced maintenance, and less downtime. 

The system performs well in temperatures ranging from 32° F to 104° F (0° C-40° C).  

Greg Kasprzak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Markem-Imaje said: “The 5940 G system’s breakthrough Intelli’Flow printhead technology combined with fast-setting Touch Dry inks consistently achieves sustained, exceptional print quality of complex, compliant barcodes on corrugated cases and other difficult substrates, delivering a significant return on investment.”  

Kasprzak added: “Our customers look to us to improve efficiency on the production line, to achieve this every detail is important. For example, we’ve been able to include a specially designed ink container that is 75% larger than most competitors, cutting operator intervention by 43%. Plus, the ink containers can also be replaced without stopping production and a heat time speed of 67% faster than previous models can be achieved. In combination details like these make a significant difference to efficiency and throughput. We’ve even designed this for enhanced serviceability which will lead to greater availability and factory output, in addition to the print quality and efficiency advantages.”   

Furthermore, the 5940 G leverages Markem-Imaje’s packaging intelligence software, CoLOS to help manufacturers maintain their entire database of print jobs centrally, streamlining print management and supporting greater throughput. Plus, the 5940 G works seamlessly with the Systech Packaging Intelligence Suite™, which integrates the key pillars of packaging intelligence: message management, verification, line control and insight.