The alcoholic beverages market potential growth difference will be USD 393.26 billion from 2021 to 2026, as per the latest market analysis report by Technavio. 

The beer segment will account for the largest alcoholic beverages market share in 2021. The report also identifies the beer segment to account for the largest market share as beer production involves steeping a starch source, usually cereal grains such as rice, corn, and barley, in water and fermenting the sugar-containing liquid with yeast.

Let’s honor National Beer Day with some refreshing news.

Miller Lite Introduces New Campaign & Liquid "Beer Drops" 

To celebrate beers' big day, Miller Lite is debuting a new campaign, focused on great taste and that first-sip feeling only Miller Lite can bring. Along with the campaign, the brand is also releasing limited-edition Beer Drops: Miller Lite's liquid taste enhancer that adds more beer taste to other light beers.

Whether your friend ordered you the wrong beer or you find yourself without an actual Miller Lite in-hand, the brand is making it possible for beer lovers in a bind to add more beer taste when Miller Lite isn't available. Beer Drops, Miller Lite's liquid enhancer, graces other light beers with the irreplaceable taste of a fine pilsner. Simply squeeze your Beer Drops into 12 oz. of beer, take a sip and enjoy more beer taste.

"One thing we know to be true, Miller Lite lovers absolutely love the taste of beer," said Sofia Colucci, global VP of Miller family of brands. "We see Beer Drops as a fun yet competitive extension of our new campaign to highlight what sets us apart. National Beer Day is the perfect moment to celebrate the great taste that has made Miller Lite special since 1975."

Ardagh Glass Packaging Adds Two New Glass Beer Bottles to its BuyOurBottles Website

 Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America now offers two new beer bottles, a 12oz long-neck bottle and a 22oz Belgian-style bottle, on its website.

The new glass beer bottles are available for purchase on AGP – North America's BOB site (BuyOurBottles). The Pinnacle 2.0, a 12oz standard North American long-neck bottle with a 26mm Crown/pry-off closure, is available in both bulk and 24-pack cases. The Admiral, a 22oz Belgian-style bottle with a 26mm Crown/pry-off closure, is available in both bulk and 12-pack cases. Both bottles are designed and manufactured in the U.S., by AGP – North America out of high-quality amber glass that is 100 percent and endlessly recyclable.

In 2012, AGP – North America launched the BOB site for beer – the first website to offer craft brewers the ability to purchase beer bottles online in pallet quantities, direct from the manufacturer.

"Ardagh Glass Packaging continues to focus on developing its portfolio of American-made glass beer bottles to meet the demand of craft brewers on the BOB site," said Clint Gawart, Vice President, Beer & Beverage for AGP – North America. "The new Admiral and Pinnacle 2.0 bottles complement a wide variety of craft beer brands, offering brewers brand differentiation with a trusted, sustainable glass bottle that fully protects the flavor of their beer."  

The BOB site portfolio now includes 13 different beer bottles in both amber and flint (clear) glass color options, which offers craft brewers increased flexibility for packaging.