Pharmafill tablet counters from packaging machinery manufacturer Deitz Co., Wall, NJ are offered with optional change parts kits to speed changeovers in pharmaceutical, nutrition, and other sanitary filling installations. Delivered pre-packaged, the change parts kits feature the feeder chute, hopper, chip chute and other product contact parts that typically require cleaning when switching production from one pill, capsule, gelcap, caplet, lozenge, or tablet to another oral solid dosage form. By keeping this duplicate set of product contact parts on hand, one set may be removed and replaced in five minutes or less while the other set is cleaned, sanitized, and readied for the next changeover.
 The change parts kits are offered with the fully automated Pharmafill TC3 tablet counter and with the semi-automated Pharmafill TC4 tablet counter, which features the same proprietary pill counting technology as the TC3 in a compact design that fits on a tabletop. Consistently achieving 99.99 percent accuracy, the pill counting machines automatically count opaque, translucent or transparent solid oral dose products and discharge them into bottles.
 The Pharmafill tablet counters and change parts kits are designed and manufactured in the company's Wall, New Jersey headquarters. The product contact parts are offered with the tablet counters or separately to support machines currently in operation.