MotherBar, a disruptive newcomer in the wellness space, officially launches its proprietary hemp-based CBD ‘Moment’ mints today, created to relax the body and mind while challenging our mindset and approach to stress. The name, MotherBar, evokes a sense of comfort, love, and support while offering connection and escape from the chaos of daily life. ‘Moment’ mints are available for purchase on at $65 for 1 unit of 10 mints. 

‘Moment’ mints are 99.95% organic and made with the highest quality ingredients including Szechuan flower, peppermint, Bulgarian rose, and 40mg of full-spectrum CBD per mint - 8x more CBD per mint than competing brands. Created to awaken your senses, ‘Moment’s incorporation of Szechuan flower creates a pleasant buzzing sensation in your mouth that brings you into presence. MotherBar believes that a moment for yourself should also be a moment for Mother Earth. ‘Moment’ mints utilize hemp proudly grown with regenerative farming practices, are packaged in recyclable, plastic-free materials, and shipped in fully compostable packages. 

"After I lost my mother, I took a hard look at my own life. I was burning the candle at both ends and felt overwhelmed and resentful” said Elle Gail, CEO, and founder of MotherBar. “I was hard on myself and hard on those I loved and I just knew there had to be a better way. I have always had an interest in holistic health and found out that CBD helped calm not only my body, but also my mind. It gave me a moment to reassess, reprioritize and create balance in life. So I created MotherBar for other busy, overwhelmed women as a safe space to let go.”

MotherBar was created for all those who mother with the belief that women should also "mother" themselves, encouraging them to let go of unrealistic societal pressures to "do it all" and instead take a moment to just be. Specifically created with ingredients that stimulate the senses, ‘Moment’ mints celebrate the present moment as an opportunity to reset the body, reframe the mind, and choose a better path forward. Offering consumers seeking stress relief, not just the therapeutic benefits of CBD, but also a unique sensory experience that encourages awareness and a return to presence. 

Just prior to launch, MotherBar’s packaging was awarded 3rd Place in the Tobacco and Cannabis Category in the 2022 Dieline Awards. Designed by creative branding agency, Nice People, the contrasting design and typography of the flagship ‘Moment’ mint’s blue-green colored tube with holographic foil invite the consumer for a moment of reflection just as the product does itself.