Florida Crystals – the only brand of organic sugars made from sugarcane sustainably grown in the U.S. – announces the launch of a new "spokesowl." Barn owl mascot "Ollie" will give consumers a bird's-eye view of each step of the organic raw cane sugar crafting process, from farm to package.

Farming in harmony with nature is core to everything Florida Crystals does, and the Florida Crystals® products are all done at home – right here in the United States. It's a passion of the brand to share a love for farming and the joys of working amidst acres of Florida's vast, sun-drenched farmland. Ollie will serve as the brand's new ambassador, helping share the sustainability message in a heartfelt and personal way.

"We believe that everyone deserves to know where their food comes from and how it's grown, so we're pleased to introduce our new mascot, Ollie, who will be able to walk – or fly – consumers through the ins and outs of our farms," said Paula Summers, Vice President of Marketing. "For decades, we've been proud to craft a full line of organic raw cane sugars for baking – the only ones crafted from organic sugarcane grown in the U.S. We're committed to following some of the most sustainable practices in the world and to having full transparency in each step of our sugarcane's journey, from our farms, to our mills, to our bags."

An embodiment of the brand's innovative and regenerative farming approach, the new feathered mascot pays tribute to the more than 1,250 native barn owls that call Florida Crystals' farms home. The owls are drawn to the farms by the largest private owl box network in the world – soon to be 2,000 boxes – built by Florida Crystals. They enjoy cozy housing, while acting as natural pest control – with one owl family eating up to 3,000 pests in a year. Ollie's full story is now live on the Florida Crystals website.

In addition to the barn owl program, Florida Crystals follows other regenerative agriculture practices like rotating sugarcane with rice and other cover crops to replenish soil nutrients naturally. The company also uses its sugarcane fiber to generate the clean energy that powers its milling and packaging facilities. And that's not all! Using satellites and drones, Florida Crystals precisely monitors soil moisture, crop growth and weather factors. With GPS-guided tractors, nutrients are precisely applied where they're needed. Ollie will be able to explain all these practices and more from the perspective of someone who was born and raised on the farms. This feathered friend will share what goes into making top-quality raw cane sugars that are USDA-certified organic, as well as Non-GMO Project verified, certified vegan, gluten-free and kosher. In other words, Ollie will share the delicious secrets of crafting sweetness you can feel good about with every bite.