SCS Global Services has certified that Clysar ReClaim  PCR Resins contain 99% pre-consumer recycled content. The certification makes Clysar a verified source of polyolefin shrink films that can contain certified pre-consumer recycled resin. Eligible films include recyclable Clysar EVO and Clysar EVO-C Confidential films (prequalified for Store Drop-Off by How2Recycle); and LE Gold, ABL, LTC (Lowest Total Cost), HP Gold, HPG Confidential and ShrinkBox films. 

“This certification is good news for consumer product companies and retailers who have aggressive goals for packaging with recyclable and recycled content, and who seek greater sourcing visibility through third-party verification,” said Christine Grant, Clysar sustainability manager. 

Now, many polyolefin films from Clysar can either incorporate certified Clysar ReClaim pre-consumer recycled resin and/or are prequalified for the Store Drop-Off label by How2Recycle, offering more environmentally sound drop-in shrink packaging materials that address the challenges of extended producer responsibility. 

Certified Clysar ReClaim PCR Resins are made from polyolefin film materials upcycled from the Clysar manufacturing process. This reclaimed material has not yet reached the consumer or end-user and is diverted on site: an efficient process that allows Clysar to minimize manufacturing waste. Thanks to proprietary technology and rigorous process control, the pre-consumer content films provide the same package appearance, film functionality and performance on the packaging line. 

While Clysar has incorporated reprocessed pre-consumer material into its shrink films for many years, independent third-party verification of recycled content has become increasingly important to brand owners and consumers. Working directly with SCS Global, Clysar is able to validate that our resin from reclaimed material is certified pre-consumer content, identified under the Clysar ReClaim brand name.

Expert technical and development support is available from Clysar for incorporating pre-consumer content films or other sustainable shrink materials into packaging programs. Services include project consulting and commercialization, trial rolls and testing, packaging line optimization, Life Cycle Analysis reports featuring customer data and assistance obtaining Store Drop-Off label approvals through How2Recycle.