With CPGs and e-commerce brands using so many variations of recycling terminology in their packaging, is it any wonder that consumers become confused?  The lack of clarity can be costly when the industry calculates the impact on overall recycling volumes as well as additional sorting/handling expense.

For example, how many consumers understand that dry cleaning bags can be taken to a convenient front-of-store location for recycling, rather than being placed in a curbside bin?  Or, that flexible poly mailers and case wraps can also be dropped off there, rather than ticketed for a local landfill? 

PAC’s graphic also breaks down the closely related acronyms and terms that describe recyclable materials used in the manufacturing process. While packaging pros may understand the differences between PIR, PCR, and PCF, this tool enables them to better educate consumers. 

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PAC Worldwide recyclable meanings infographic
infographic Courtesy of PAC Worldwide