Sidel, a packaging and blowing solutions company, recently announced the sale of its 1000th EvoBLOWTM Blow-Molder, reaching an agreement with Nigerian co-packing giant StrongPack. The blow-molder will be installed as part of a high-speed PET water line in early 2023.

StrongPack has been a long-time client of Sidel, and the company is currently one of the biggest producers of Royal Crown (RC) Cola in the world, while also serving as the most diversified co-packer in Nigeria. StrongPack specializes in packing non-alcoholic beverages and has a market share of the soft drink sector that is greater than the regional average.

The new water line will combine a regular EvoBLOW blow-molding machine with filling and capping equipment, which will integrate these production phases into a Combi SF 100 solution.

"The Sidel team of experts overcame challenges in designing this high-speed line within the space available,” said StrongPack Nigeria Chairman Eric Thibault. “They worked closely with the StrongPack team to find the perfect solution, utilizing the compact and optimized Combi layout. We look forward to Sidel supporting our future growth in the water and carbonated soft drinks markets.”

The Combi SF 100 also offers material savings through its sustainable process. Because the machine eliminates intermediary conveying, minimizes blowing pressure, and enables bottle lightweighting, overall energy consumption is significantly reduced. The bottle shapes produced by the machine will also pay tribute to the multi-cultural Nigerian lifestyle, further solidifying the relationship between Sidel and StrongPack.

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