Fat Tire Ale, the flagship brand of New Belgium Brewing, has announced the beginning of a wholesale reimagining when it comes to the beer’s branding and recipe. The company will alter the beer by giving it a crisper and brighter taste, and it will also debut an entirely new look for its packaging as well.

The impetus for this transformation was the company’s enduring commitment to environmental justice, a cause that Fat Tire has had in mind since its inception in 1991. Having the distinction of becoming the first certified carbon-neutral beer in the United States, Fat Tire’s rebrand doubles down on this message, as its new identity comes with the goal of inspiring the next generation of beer drinkers to join the growing movement around climate action.

“Fat Tire has spent three decades at the center of the craft beer movement. Now, it’s time to widen the circle and inspire the next generation, too,” said New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer. “We’ve made Fat Tire even better at what it’s always done best – taste delicious, bring people together, and spark our customers to engage in the climate movement. It’s our sincere hope that beer fans – whether they love the planet, simply love great beer, or both – will embrace the chance to change along with us.”

The Fat Tire rebrand is just one of many actions the company has taken to address climate change, as it has taken a unique 360-degree approach to the issue. Over the years, Fat Tire has assisted other companies in lowering their own carbon footprints, has donated $17 million to frontline climate organizations, and has led coalitions advocating for updated climate policies at the local, state, and federal levels.

“Three decades into our journey to cut down Fat Tire’s impact on the planet, we know there are no quick fixes. But even the most incremental progress is worth our hard work and investment,” continued Fechheimer. We will continue to find new ways to use our resources – and engage our community – to help save our planet, which happens to be the only one with beer.”

To learn more about New Belgium Brewing and Fat Tire Ale, please visit https://www.newbelgium.com/press/.