Piab, a machinery company that focuses on gripping, lifting and moving solutions, has announced the release of two new suction cup products that are designed to properly handle eggs and various fruits, respectively.

The ECX36 makes significant improvements to egg handling thanks to the device’s safe and firm grip, which reduces the likelihood of drops and increases the speed of the entire process. The device does not require a high-powered vacuum, which saves energy and ensures environmentally friendly production, while also limiting the need for cleaning and machine downtime.

When cleaning of the suction cup is needed, though, it can be done onsite, and the device is also long-term resistant to detergents and ultrasonic cleaning.

Meanwhile, the FCX50 is Piab’s new suction cup designed for fruit handling. The detectable fruit suction cup features multiple lips that can handle fruits with a variety of different shapes and sizes, and like its egg-based counterpart, it uses a smaller vacuum pump which saves energy.

The FCX50 has extraordinary sealing capabilities that lead to less leakage, and it ensures the delivery of pristine fruits thanks to its firm and gentle grip that can adjust to many different angles and positions.

To learn more about Piab, please visit www.piab.com.