Last month you read the final issue ofFood & Drug Packaging. When it launched in 1959, its purpose was to report on packaging developments specifically in the markets overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Like any viable business, the magazine evolved over the years to better represent and meet the needs of its audience.

And that’s what brings us to the newFood & Beverage Packaging! We’re dedicated to in-depth coverage of and insight into the packaging challenges, opportunities, issues and trends of food processors and beverage manufacturers.

Our repositioning is in answer to your consistent requests for more intelligence about your area of expertise. Whenever we’ve asked you what you want from us, your answer has always been “More about my market.” You’re not alone either. This vertical focus is reflected in most businesses today, around the globe.

We do have a new look, but not everything about the magazine has changed! For example, we’ve kept and expanded the popular “New Packages” showcase and our exclusive “Consumer Insights” column. We’ll continue to give you a platform for persuasion with our “What We Need Is...” rotating article (call me if you’re interested in participating in this!). And production expert John Henry will keep sharing helpful tips in “Machinery Matters.”

But we’ve added a couple of new features: a monthly “How To” quick-read guide of ideas on a variety of topics that you can use immediately; and a “Retailer Perspective” column that will explain the thought processes and packaging decisions of your retail customers.

Underlying all this is the realization that you need information up, down and across the value chain. That’s why we’ve organized our articles into three major categories: CUSTOMERS, COLLEAGUES and SUPPLIERS. Because you need to know what your packaging options are, what competitors are doing and why, and how consumer and retailer trends will directly affect your job. And it’s our mission to deliver all that and more. Thanks for reading!