Like the proverbial squeaky wheel, the sagging economy is starting to demand our attention-and action. And the packaging community is responding.

Because of sluggish salaries and rising prices for just about every food or fuel we consume, many consumers are shifting where and how they spend their money. According to a recent article in The New York Times: “Spending data and interviews around the country show that middle- and working-class consumers are starting to switch from name brands to cheaper alternatives.”

That’s good news for private-label/store brands and “value” products. And did you hear? Backyard vegetable gardens are as popular today as the Wii Fit video program. Home-grown produce fulfills multiple desires of today’s consumer: It’s organic, locally grown and CHEAP! A few plants seem to yield enough cucumbers or tomatoes to feed a small country. Maybe people will sell their surplus in a fruit stand right next to their kids’ lemonade business. Or maybe they’ll integrate vertically and grow lemons.

How ready are you for more cost cutting in your packaging department? Cause it’s coming soon if it hasn’t yet. For those of you already juggling sustainability, optimization and innovation, catch!

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Lisa McTigue Pierce
Member of the Int’l Packaging Press Organization