A new Fountain of Youth

Ever get a fax or an e-mail by mistake? You know you shouldn’t read it, but you just can’t help it sometimes-it’s like lingering too long on a reality show while you’re channel surfing.

I recently got on the e-mail list of some total strangers who are in the bottled water business. I can’t resist relating one part of their exchange. I’m not using identifying information, which I hope makes it OK.

They’re contemplating label changes due to a switch in the formulation (specifically, adding sugar and other “natural sweeteners”). One guy asks: “Did we also want it to read ‘Anti Ageing [sic] Beverage’ instead of water, or did I dream that?”

To which the reply is: “Correct - Worlds most functional Beverage.”

I could go along with the “most functional” stuff, but “anti-aging”? Those guys better watch it, or they’ll have the FDA on their butts, demanding proof of a nouveau Fountain of Youth.