Mountain Dew launches first-ever global campaign with "The Dark Knight Rises."

In preparation for what could be this summer’s biggest blockbuster, Mountain Dew® announces that its partnership with Warner Bros.' and Legendary Pictures' "The Dark Knight Rises," which opens in theaters on July 20, is extending beyond the United States through plans to engage Mountain Dew and Dark Knight fans in nearly 20 countries as part of Mountain Dew's first-ever global campaign.

"DEW fans in the U.S. and around the world have incredible passion for the Dark Knight franchise. With DEW's first-ever global campaign we are giving fans the exclusive opportunity to experience Gotham City like never before," says Brad Jakeman, president, Global Beverages Group, PepsiCo. ”We are excited about continuing to find unique and authentic ways to connect with DEW fans and fuel the growth of the brand around the world."

The latest installment in director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of films starring the caped crusader, “The Dark Knight Rises” is the much anticipated conclusion to the most recent relaunch of Batman movies. It’s no surprise that a partnership formed between PepsiCo’s second-largest brand (which generates more than $5 billion in annual retail sales) and a superhero sequel, as history has shown this genre of flicks to be unstoppable. Despite being released in 2008, “The Dark Knight Rises’” prequel, “The Dark Knight,” held strong to one of the top positions amongst lists of highest grossing U.S. box office hits, only to be recently bumped back by Marvel’s “The Avengers.” Each film has been met by nearly unbelievable impatience from fans, who began snapping up tickets for midnight showings more than a month in advance. So how will those fans be able to stay on the edge of their seats until the wee hours of the morning? With PepsiCo’s “The Dark Knight Rises” promotional Mountain Dew flavor Mtn Dew Dark Berry, of course. In addition to the limited-time-only flavor, Mountain Dew has a variety of ways to captivate fans varying by market, including:
  • More than 800 million bottles and cans featuring on-pack campaign graphics

  • In-store point-of-purchase retail displays in retailers

  • Robust TV, cinema, radio and digital advertising to drive mass campaign awareness

  • Digital access to exclusive, never before seen Dark Knight movie content

  • Consumer engagement programs offering fans opportunities to collect gear and win prizes
Only time will tell if “The Dark Knight Rises” will swoop into this summer’s (or year’s) highest grossing movie slot, but Mountain Dew’s invitation to fans to “Go Inside Gotham City” can only aid the effort. Afterall, even The Dark Knight needs a caffeine fix now and then.