A look at the ghastly goodies available for upcoming Halloween festivities.


What are your plans for Halloween? Are you taking little ones out to trick-or-treat? Handing out candy to the neighborhood kids? Or maybe you’ll be flaunting your creativity at a costume party? If the party option sounds best to you, the products detailed in this blog are your must-haves.


No Halloween party is complete without a little black and orange décor, and new Orange Exclusive Vodka fits right into the theme. The festively flavored spirit boasts an orange taste and a not-so-scary price of $9.99 per 750mL bottle, making it a great option if you want to appear to be the host with the most without ending up with a scream-worthy bill. Exclusiv Vodka recently won a Double Gold Medal at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition along with receiving a rating of 91 from the Beverage Tasting Institute, so its fruity taste isn’t likely to spook your guests. To help consumers get into the spirit, Exclusiv Vodka offers cocktail ideals sure to get partiers into a ghoulishly good mood including Exclusiv Witch’s Brew, Exclusiv Jack-O-Lantern and A Bloody Good Time.


If an alcohol’s packaging is what draws you in, recently launched Pumpkin Face Rum might be just what your party’s refreshment table needs. Pumpkin Face Rum is a new line of ultra premium rum imported from the Dominican Republic in pumpkin shaped bottles. The shape is a symbol of celebration and offers a nod to the gourd’s origins when American colonists would replace the seeds with cream, honey, eggs and spices and then cook the pumpkin in hot ashes. The uniquely shaped bottles are designed to stand out on shelves, thanks to each of the three variety’s mischievous faces, near crystal grade glass, custom designed corks and pewter medallions that reveal the Pumpkin Face name and logo.


When the witching hour approaches, it may be time to break out Midnight Moon Fruit Inclusions. Fruit Inclusions add a frightfully tasty spin to Midnight Moon’s traditional 100 proof moonshine by adding in whole pieces of fresh fruit-such as apple, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and recent addition blackberry. Handcrafted in single batches, Midnight Moon Fruit Inclusions are hand-packaged in authentic moonshine mason jars and do not use any added extracts, color additives or artificial flavors.

As Halloween creeps up on us, make sure to snag some of these tasty beverages for your grown-up treat bags and serve up drinks that will have your guests howling for more!

Happy haunting! allHall