Jet-Puffed brand introduces Mallow Bits in a user-friendly canister

Dear Packaging Enthusiasts,

It sure is cold here in Michigan in February. And once in awhile I indulge in a hot cocoa to warm up my fingers and satisfy my sweet tooth. Now, if you ask me, a hot cocoa is NOT a hot cocoa without marshmallows. Which leads me to the purpose of this month’s Liz’s Letter. I came across a very exciting marshmallow product from Kraft’s Jet-Puffed line. They’re Mallow Bits and they are exactly what they sound like, tiny bits of marshmallow goodness similar to the tiny ones in hot cocoa packets.

And if that isn’t enough, they come in a very cool package. Instead of a bag of marshmallows that they can sometimes spill from, the Mallow Bits are packed in a handy, easy-to-use pourable 3-ounce PET container, much like that of a grated parmesan cheese canister. The top opens two ways; one side opens with three holes to allow a few bits to come rolling out  and the other side opens wide for a steady flow.

Guess which one I used?

Pourable marshmallows in a canister, what will Kraft think of next? As I’m writing this, I’m getting an overwhelming desire to make some hot cocoa and see these bits in action. Off to the kitchen!


Liz Cuneo