How the packaging world is infiltrating my mind.

Dear Packaging Enthusiasts,

Packaging is all around us; almost everything we buy is packaged to some extent. I used to only notice certain packaging elements, the colors, the feel, the imagery and sometimes catchy descriptions but something is happening to me... I am noticing more. Last week I was drinking a can of Coke Zero, which is a normal occurrence for me, but then I noticed something about the can that was un-normal for me. What caught my eye on the can was along the side of the barcode the wordRexam( Now a year ago, I wouldn’t even know what that word means, but now I recognize it as one of the largest consumer packaged goods company, and specifically, a large beverage can maker.

I also started noticing packager names on cartons of soup, on take–out containers and candy wrappers. And of course I am ever more observing new packages, imagery and eco-friendly containers as I shop, dine out and research the packaging world. Funny how this job is spilling over into my daily life. This could be the first symptom in the future diagnosis of a well-versed packaging editor!

I feel good about this new heightened packaging awareness, but it leads me to ask, what’s next? Will I soon be developing packaging prototypes in my basement? Only time will tell…


Liz Cuneo