Further examples include a reprogrammable LED label for vodka and Retail-Ready Personalized Packaging.

Medea's programmable LED label grabs attention.

One thing I try not to do editorially is repeat myself. Let me note that again because it is so important: One thing I try not to do editorially is repeat myself.

We are reminded at this season of New Years’ resolutions that trying is not the same as doing. Thus, I can rationalize this article that offers additional examples of “personalized packaging” that I’ve found since last month’s column on this same topic,Packaging when it gets personal.

I came across Kellogg’s Rice Krispie bars individually wrapped using film printed with a white area that accepts a marker.  One blogger suggests mom can write a note of reminder or encouragement for her children when the snack is slipped into the kids’ lunch bags. A quick web search shows this one has been around since at least 2010, so while I’m late to this party, it shows the range of packaged products that are leveraging the personalization aspect.

While browsing the Internet the past weeks, I couldn’t help but notice the ad from Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey that kept popping up promoting its holiday offering using apersonalized engraved label. Apparently this has been available for several holiday seasons, so a belated toast to this worthy effort, too.

Reprogrammable scrolling LED label

Perhaps the ultimate in high-tech gadgetry applied to personalized packaging is the interactive vodka bottle from Medea Spirits. This too, is a little dated if you consider 2010 to be dated. As we sometimes like to say in editorial: If you haven’t seen it, then it’s new to you. It was new to me, but what’s not to like about a programmable LED messaging label? It’s reportedly capable of storing six messages of 255 characters each.

I found the product online for around $40. For a video showing how it works,click here.  

Shearer's snacks OSU promotion for winter 2011-2012 uses online printing during bagging.

Retail-Ready Personalized Packaging

A vendor involved in this market isFASTechnology Group, a manufacturer of industrial control systems. The company’s business model encompasses “Retail-Ready Personalized Packaging” (RRPP) systems developed from print-on-demand processes used in the commercial printing industry. RRPP enables the production and marketing of products customized to store-level or to shopper-level, while eliminating the need for costly packaging line changeovers.  The company reports that the new process has the potential to increase sales volume and shopper brand loyalty while substantially reducing material costs and waste.

One new effort with Brewster, OH-based snacks foods manufacturer Shearer’s Foods stretches across the packager’s branded and private label brands to offer consumers the opportunity to win season tickets to The Ohio State University basketball games. Considering that the team is again one of the top programs in the country makes this a hot ticket item and follows on the heels of a program for OSU season football tickets. The football promotion used preprinted, scratch-off labels that were applied randomly by driver sales personnel ahead of store delivery. This time Shearer’s selected FASTechnology method, which is done during packaging to solve some of the shortcomings of the previous promotion.

For this latest iteration, potentially winning codes are printed by FASTechonology on-demand during bagging and are embedded underneath the printed scratch-off labels.  The codes are then verified via multiple on-line camera vision systems and archived in a database. FASTechnology president Joe Hattrup says Shearer’s OSU basketball promotion was planned and developed within a matter of weeks rather than the lengthy lead-time typically required using conventional methods.   “With this system, we’ve enabled Shearer’s to manage, control and execute their promotion to their exact specifications,” he says.  

Lastly (at least for now), there’sGeorges de Latour, a one-of-a-kind, custom-etched 27-liter bottle of a 2008 vintage. It’s yet another take on the topic of personalized packaging. As the official wine poured at the past eight Emmy Awards, this unique gift presentation features signatures from 68 of this past year's Emmy winners, nominees and presenters.
It seems that many signees requires a large bottle.

The bottle combined with a luxurious Napa Valley adventure package as part of a holiday auction on charitybuzz.com, with proceeds benefitting the Television Academy Foundation and its programs. You can read more here. 

Lastly and on a personal note, I wish you all success as you delve into packaging throughout 2012. I’d welcome hearing about those successes, so feel free to send me a note anytime tolingler@bnpmedia.com