Mini fridge packaging puts me in the holiday spirit.

Dear Packaging Enthusiasts,

The holidays are coming and in the world of food and beverage packaging that means the arrival of some very unique and exciting packaging.

I love to walk around stores and shops this time of year and see all of the decorations and the cool packaging that gets brought out for the special holiday season. Last week, at my local wine shop, I bumped into a particularly cool package for a particularly iconic bottle of champagne. It was the Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label mini fridge gift box.

The limited edition gift packaging is designed to look like a small, 1950’s style icebox complete with a handle design. The reusable mini icebox is a bright yellow color to match the champagne’s yellow label. Not only is it fridge-like in appearance, the gift box also keeps the champagne inside cold for up to two hours.

When I got home from the shop, I googled the package to find out more about the mini “fridge” itself and I learned that Veuve Clicquot hired graphic and packaging design agency QSLD Paris to come up with the idea and that French packaging manufacturer, Dapy, used injection-molding from thermoplastic resin to create the box. An opaque white thermoformed polystyrene wedge is used inside the box to keep the champagne cool.

On the web, I also came across a light pink version created specifically for the company’s Rosé variety (Dear Santa, if you’re reading this, I want one!). 

What’s says celebrate more than champagne? And when it’s sold in its only little “fridge” ensuring the bubbly stays cold, what’s not to love?

A cyber toast to the holiday season to you and your family! Cheers!

Liz Cuneo