My experience visiting Verallia’s Selective Line Creativ’Lab in France.

Artfully decorated bottles on display at Verallia's Creativ'Lab.

Dear Packaging Enthusiasts,  

Last week I had the good fortune to go to Paris for a select press event. The company,Verallia(, part of the bigger umbrella of Saint-Gobain, revealed its new Creativ’Lab to U.S. and European journalists. The company’s Selective Line is the second largest global manufacturer of glass containers and offers a complete range of glass bottles for the premium wine, spirits and non-alcoholic segments.  

I had a great time learning about the various bottle sizes, colors and shapes that are available and the different methods used to adorn these containers. I was able to see first-hand, through a tour of the Creativ’Lab, workers using silk screen to create a pattern on the bottles. We then saw the lines quickly and efficiently decorating each bottle and before sending it on its way.  

What a cool experience for me to be able to get “out in the field," so to speak, and see the makings of truly innovative and beautiful packaging. It’s amazing what shapes and designs for glass bottles are on the market today -the future seems to be just as exciting, as Verallia continues to shape beverage glass packaging one bottle at a time.  

Au revoir,  

Liz Cuneo