ice package developmentIn an arena where square was once held in high regards, the sphere is here shaking up the ice segment and delivering some cool effects to the spirits market. The Sfiro from company Elebev, is pre-packaged, purified ice. It is a recyclable container of water that is filled and sealed at a bottling plant. The sphere is filled with distilled water for a purified taste and color. The spherical ice cube is the size of a racquet ball; it is big enough to last several drinks without the usual quick melting associated with small, square ice cubes.

 The ice ball is the company’s first product and will hopefully change the way we all enjoy our mixed drinks. The Sfiro comes packaged in a clear plastic ball that allows bartenders to open up the ice and plunk it into the glass, without ever touching the ice. Click here to watch a 60-second clip on Sfiro.