A few years back, the chemical compound BPA got more than its 15 minutes of fame when news stories upon news stories came out bashing the chemical for its use in the food and beverage industry. BPA has been widely used since the 1960s in many food and beverage containers, and as a component in metal can coatings to protect the food from direct contact with the metal surface. But recently consumers and healthcare organizations are taking a close look at the chemical and some of the effects it has on the human body (in large amounts), as Americans consume more and more packaged (i.e. processed) foods.

Now banned for use in baby bottles, sippy cups and infant formula packaging, the chemical is still not out of the woods yet regarding its negative publicity. More and more companies are rolling out food packaging touting BPA-free labels; not to mention plastic water bottles and plastic food containers are touting this claim as a selling point for concerned consumers. And now items like beans and soups can be found in BPA-free pouches instead of the tried and true (and laced with BPA) aluminum can.

While much debate still arises over how safe BPA really is, and in what dose, consumers now are shying away from the chemical whenever possible, erring on the side of caution. Will consumers continue to shy away from BPA until it’s no longer used in the packaging industry, or will this trend phase out as less publicity draws attention to the dangerous effects of the chemical? Personally I believe it’s only going to get worse for BPA, as consumers focus on healthier, farm to table options with limited preservatives and packaging. I just wonder how long it will take to phase it out completely. I’m guessing not in my lifetime.