Sometimes while driving I don’t pay attention to what I’m drinking – rather, HOW I’m drinking a bottled beverage. There are many bottle types on the market for on-the-go consumers, such as PET bottles, the good old glass bottle (for products like Starbucks coffee) and even pouches.

I, however, love the cap/sort-of spout closure. Easier than waving a magic wand, all I do is use just two fingers to pop up the cap and voila! I have a thirst-quencher on the way. That is, when the thin tab/ring has been removed. I moved away from the typical cap because, well, they kept falling off my console and ending up on the passenger side floor mat, or in the side of my seat between the console and seat, which I call “no man’s land.”

There is never – at least to me – a be-all, do-all type of closure for bottles. Even with the snap-on cap closure (like the one seen here), it takes a longer time than I deem necessary to open. I don’t need a practically lock-on tab that takes a combination to remove; I need a quick entry to my chosen beverage. I’m in a hurry after all!

And that has made me wonder: Are consumers pushing the consumer packaged goods arena faster than we can even work? Will our growth hit a plateau soon? If so, what will be the factor – packaging function or package design? Or perhaps the machinery that puts it all together?

I believe, as long as we look out for product and equipment integrity, as well as consumer needs, we will be in good standing. It could be that we hold the reins on holding back on packaging that may not be best suited for the masses. Cool, kitschy and new are great – but only when it’s also functional, cost-effective and does its job for the public.

What do you think?