Case Paper Company has announced the 14 winners of its third-annual On the Case Awards.

The On the Case Awards were created to recognize exceptional companies in the printing and packaging industries that have enthusiastically exhibited an ability to go above and beyond to make their customers happy.

The 14 awards cover a wide range of areas within the printing and packaging world. Here are the winners and categories:

  • Alcom wins “The Green Machine Award” for promoting sustainable solutions.
  • Amcor Specialty Cartons wins the “Treehugger Award” for their unwavering commitment to sustainable activities.
  • C&D Printing and Packaging Company wins the “Putting the Unity in Community Award” for showing ongoing support to the community.
  • CRW Graphics wins the “Three Cheers for Volunteers Award” for bringing positive change to the community.
  • Grafika wins the “Across the Board Award” for utilizing the widest variety of products and services.
  • L&L Printers wins the “Dig This Digital Award” for being on the cutting edge of digital printing.
  • Marrs Printing & Packaging wins the “Keep on Truckin’ Award” for completing challenging projects and overcoming obstacles.
  • Meredith-Webb Printing Co. wins the “All Things Fold and New Award” for being masters of their trade and growing for the future.
  • Printed Specialties Inc. wins the “Silver Lining Award” for bringing shimmer and shine to their customers’ projects.
  • Seemless Design and Printing wins the “Ink Outside the Box Award” for their dedicated innovation to create a winning package.
  • Southeastern Printing Company wins the “Tall Order Award” for coming through no matter their customers’ needs.
  • Taylor wins the “Gumby Award” for being flexible and adaptable to meet their customers’ needs.
  • The John Roberts Company wins the “Compassion is Always in Fashion Award” for their incredible generosity and putting people first. They are the only company to win an OTC award two years in a row!
  • World Trade Printing Company wins the “Rain, Sleet, or Snow Award” for extreme dedication to making customer deliveries.

“Our partners are constantly going above and beyond for their customers, employees, and communities, and we’re happy to recognize their hard work with an On the Case Award,” said Simon Schaffer-Goldman, President, Case Paper. “We’re excited to continue celebrating them, both now and for the years to come!”

All of this year’s On the Case Award winners – as well as links to their websites – can be found here.


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